Charlotte NC Ductless Heating and Air Conditioning
ComfortEMS January 23, 2017 No Comments

Charlotte NC, you may have heard about ductless HVAC options, or “mini-splits” as they’re commonly referred to. What is a mini-split, and is it the right choice for your home? At Comfort Control Heating & Air Conditioning, we’ve found that the mini-split is an ideal HVAC solution for many homeowners in the Charlotte area. Read on to see how ductless heating can benefit you this winter.


Ductless heating improves air quality

The major difference between central and ductless HVAC systems is- you guessed it- ductwork. Ducts are used to transfer warm air from your furnace to the rest of your home during winter. However, mold, dust and bacteria that accumulate over time can end up in the air, worsening allergies and cold symptoms. Ductless heating provides warm, comfortable air without the need for constant duct cleaning.


Mini-splits can lower heating costs this winter

Mini-splits are highly efficient compared to traditional HVAC systems, and this is due in large part to zoning capabilities. By placing individual mini-splits in different areas, or “zones”, you can independently set temperature and humidity levels according to your preferences. This reduces wasted energy by only heating occupied spaces in the home. With zoned HVAC, you can cut down on power bills while enjoying customized comfort this winter.


Ductless HVAC: Painless installation from Comfort Control

For a remodel, an existing room or a historic house, there is no better HVAC option than the mini-split. These small units only need a single hole drilled to the outside of the house for a fuel line. In comparison, retrofitting ductwork into a finished room or house can easily run you thousands of dollars. Ductless heating is convenient and affordable choice for Charlotte homeowners looking for a new HVAC system.


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